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Some NCIS artwork - Gibbs

Just some Gibbs for a Sunday evening:

fearin the making
gibbs pic
gibbs poster
right behind you poster
rules 18 51



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14th Nov, 2014 05:37 (UTC)
jeez Juanita you REALLY make me feel for this guy! Is his life EVER gonna get any easier? I doubt it. The life of a hero. I wish/hope he would take more solace in his good friend Tony! I mean, FIC for the win, but really the show owes them something like a normal friendship after all this time, don't you think? Sigh. Thank you.
14th Nov, 2014 09:35 (UTC)
Thanks!! I think this season we're getting to see kind of normalcy among the characters at last, or what is "normal" for them.
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