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More NCIS fan art stuff

Feeling inspired of late:

5th anniversary
bojana michael 5 years
NOLA wallpaper


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12th Sep, 2014 22:36 (UTC)
LOVE! Gorgeous people to work with, but love how you accented the pictures. Great stuff!
13th Sep, 2014 06:39 (UTC)
Thank you!! Going to post now some fanart of the twitpic with Michael and daughter Olivia
14th Nov, 2014 05:33 (UTC)
What a gorgeous couple!
I gave NOLA a chance and it seems to be hitting a stride at week 7. Didn't like the first few very much, but I'm happy with what I last saw!
14th Nov, 2014 09:19 (UTC)
Thanks! I think it's going to give them a while to get into the groove. I haven't watched all the eps but those I've seen are not bad
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