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Weatherly and daughter Fan Art

These were made using the lovely photo Michael Weatherly posted of himself with daughter Olivia riding on his shoulders.

me and daddy
olivia and daddy poster
ride with daddy


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13th Sep, 2014 11:52 (UTC)
OMG! She looks just like him! Both are Cuties!!! Wonderful picture!
13th Sep, 2014 13:14 (UTC)
Thank you! She does indeed
13th Sep, 2014 13:15 (UTC)
I can't believe how much she has grown. She is beautiful. He looks like fatherhood is agreeing with him. I am looking forward to the new season of NCIS. There is an NCIS marathon on USA tomorrow who among us will be watching?
13th Sep, 2014 13:16 (UTC)
I noticed that too. She's quite the little lady now. I get the impression he loves children almost as much as MH does.
14th Nov, 2014 05:31 (UTC)
Gorgeous. I'm looking in on more of your art while I catch up on Tibbs Halloween. :-)
Sorry I didn't do the book meme. Lj doesn't seem to deliver tagged posts consistently, but the real problem is just me not taking time for my flist because I have too much going on!
I've read some of the books you listed.
Ok, I'm going to look at a few more of your NCIS art posts! :-)
14th Nov, 2014 09:18 (UTC)
Thank you!! Glad you recognised some of the books I've read, I think my list is a bit sui generis
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