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NCIS stuff



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1st Oct, 2014 07:50 (UTC)
Lovely! I'm not actually watching NCIS but I do love a bruised and battered and waiting for Tony to swoop in and rescue him (and scold him!) Gibbs *g*
1st Oct, 2014 08:45 (UTC)
Thank you!
15th Oct, 2014 19:07 (UTC)
Omg your art is always so thoughtful, wrenching even! I always like to channel NCIS angst through Tibbs. No matter how the dynamics on the show change, I look for the Tibbs nuggets, and they are not hard to find. I am so glad others still do too. Thanks to you and all who have been doing it for years, you changed my life! Haha! For the better.

Thank you SO VERY much for the lovely birthday cupcake, that's the sweetest thing ever, for supporting my writing, and mostly for being YOU.

15th Oct, 2014 20:09 (UTC)
Thank you!!! Blushing so clashes with my red hair - lol
Glad you liked the cupcake, one of the best inventions out.
Hope you're having a good day.
#Long Live Tibbs :-)
15th Oct, 2014 20:34 (UTC)
Indeed! :-)
14th Nov, 2014 05:26 (UTC)
You are SO GOOD! Thank you!
14th Nov, 2014 09:17 (UTC)
Thank you! I haz my moments ;-)
13th Mar, 2015 12:33 (UTC)
I used to have copies of some great NCIS doc but between dead PCs and crashed hard drives I've lost some really great faves.

I stumbled across an older post about some of Nikita's NCIS fics specifically 'Dragonriders of Ncis' and 'Making the up as we go al' (though I'd be ecstatic to get pretty much any of her NCIS office). Do you have any of her fics that you could share? I'd be forever upon your debt. Please and thank you.

Pfyre (pfyre at frontier dot com)
13th Mar, 2015 22:56 (UTC)
Re: help?
I know I've got "making it up as we goes" along with some others. So will post onto you asap
13th Mar, 2015 23:25 (UTC)
Re: help?
thank you soooooo much
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